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Bus Ducts - Air Insulated

ENTRACO is a Pioneer & Leading Manufacturer of Air Insulated, phase segregated and
phase non-segregated bus duct ranging from 800 Amp. to 6300 Amp. with Aluminum or
Copper conductors. These bus ducts are available in CR steel enclosure and Aluminum enclosure.

Air Insulated These Bus duct are used for Transformer & Panel, Panels to Distribution Panels, Generator to Panels, etc

LV Bus duct up to 6300 Amp are Type Tested for:

bullet 1 sec. 50 kA and most recently 3 sec. 50 kA.

Besides, the other Type Test for:

bullet Ingress Protection (IP-55)
bullet Temperature Rise Test.

ENTRACO undertakes Projects for Bus Duct from conceptualization to commissioning that includes finalization of route, engineering calculation for rated current & temperature rise ingress protection required and final implementation. We also supply Copper flexibles for the end connection of Bus duct in different sizes & shapes to meet your unique needs.
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