Bus Ducts - Super Compact & Resin Cast

ENTRACO offers world’s pioneer super compact Bus duct from Switzerland (BKS Stormschienen AG)
a full range of Low voltage & Medium Voltage, Resin Cast Bus duct.
The co-branded BKS-Entraco Bus duct is complimented with value added services such as engineering, implementation and commissioning.

bd General features
bullet International Standards range from
  1000 Amp. - 6300 Amp. / 1000V.
bullet Outdoor IP 68
bullet Withstand high short-circuit.
bullet Protected and resistant
- Electro erosion
- Chemicals
- Fungi, animals, insects, rodents
- Ultra violet rays
- Tropical
bullet Fully insulated with cast resin.
bullet Low Voltage Drop, minimizing losses
bullet Tailor made terminal -s elements.
bullet Higher mechanical strength
bullet Compact size
bullet Air & watertight wall bushings
bullet Self-extinguishing insulation
Send us enquiry bullet Fire retarding wall bushings F 120
bullet Function E 30 & E 60
bullet Non-chimney effect.
bullet EX- Protected
bullet Simple Erection
bullet Maintenance Free

Supplied IP68

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