entraco power

Switchboard & Control Panel

Entraco Power Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial control
systems and offer innovative and practical solutions to all your automation requirements.
We offer switchboards & Control panels are the custom Design & build Switchboard.

Switchboard & Control Panel bullet Power Control Center

bullet Motor Control Center

bullet Control Desk & Mimic Panels

bullet Feeder Pillars

bullet AMF & Generator Panel

bullet Bus Ducts & Bus Trunking

bullet PLC & Automation Panels

bullet Drive Panels

The switchboards manufactured from CRCA sheet steel with self-standing, compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized designs

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Protect with seven-tank powder coat finish. All switchboards & control panels are type tested for:

bullet 50 kA 1 sec short circuit
bullet Ingress Protection (IP 54)
bullet Temperature Rise Test

All control systems are constructed in accordance with all applicable customer specifications
and safety standards. All components are inspected throughout the assembly process with a
complete continuity test administered prior to shipment.