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Universal Test and Maintenance Bench

UTB - 300 is an ideal & versatile Tool for Testing, Inspection & Commissioning of all types of Electrical Insulators such as Switchgears, Relays, Meters, Pumps & Lighting System to name a few.

Universal Test and Maintenance Bench The UTB offers variable AC & DC Power that helps for
easy troubles shoot. As an added benefit, it comes with
metering & energy management equipments.

Its compact mobility makes it convenient to be used at
various locations & the IP 55 version makes it convenient
to use outdoor as well.

UTB - 300 can be customized to our client’s unique
requirements for precise testing.

It enables to carry out systems checks by pre & post
simulation tests to avoid system failures as a preventive maintenance measure.
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bullet Phase Sequence indication with cable & connecting clamps
bullet Low voltage Audio Visual continuity Tester
bullet Plug in type connections with Leads
bullet Timer for checking pick-up, drop-out & tripping time
bullet Utility toolbox
bullet 3 Phase & Single Phase Plug & Sockets for tapping power up to 16 Amp.


bullet Aviation Lamp as an indication of ‘Test in progress’
bullet Starters for switching of Motors
bullet KWH Meter with portable CTs
bullet 3 phase - variable voltage
bullet Insulation Tester
bullet H. V. Tester (000-5 kV)