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Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD)

Busduct is an electric bar-type shielded current conductor which is self cooled, self supporting with air insulation. Current conductor is supported by cast resin post insulators.

Isolated Phase Bus Duct High quality welding technology for conductor and enclosure
sections ensures continuous current flow in the busduct
and its tightness. The busduct is touch safe, tight and
shielded against emission of electromagnetic field.

Longitudinal movements, vibrations and strains of the system
are compensated for by flexible joints in the enclosure and
current conductor.

Both the internal and external surfaces of the busbar are
painted dull black, as is the interior of the enclosure.
The exterior of the enclosure is painted to the customer's
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Optionally current busbar is offered to be made of primary grade copper purity 99.99%. Porcelain post
insulators are offered as an option.
Tubular current conductor is supported depending by mechanical requirements by three or two cast
resin insulators within the enclosure. The insulators are installed using our patented, air-tight latching
system. This manhole type system allows easy access to the insulators.

Typical application of isolated phase busduct (IPB) is generator power lead out. IPB's advantage is
highest reliability and short circuit resistance.