Packaged Sub Station (PSS)

ENTRACO provides PSS in-house conceptualized & developed System up to 11 kV,
990 kVA under brand name:  “PROFIT”.

The name suggests saving in space, avoiding of critical inline equipments and thus their
maintenance and complete proof to avoid any theft of energy or Unauthorized Tapping.

bd ENTRACO “PROFIT” Packaged Sub-stations are equipped
with 11 kV SF6 / RMU, Transformer (resin cast or dry type),
LT PCC Panel, APFC Panel, Metering Cubicle and other
options as per Customer’s need.

These Packaged Sub-stations are type tested for internal ARC
Test & Impulse Test through an outside reputable test lab.
(ERDA in Baroda, India)

ENTRACO “PROFIT” Packaged Sub-stations are designed
to make availing of Power at any site simple ease of two
connections: Input connection at high voltage and output
connection at low voltage.
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Entraco's "One stop engineered package substations" are tailored to customer requirements.
This provides customer with a convenient single source of package substation with minimum
time and costs.

A simple design and practically maintenance free packaged sub-station is easy to transport and
takes up less than a 3rd of space compared to conventional 11 kV outdoor switchyard.


bullet Compact size and simple design
bullet Robust construction for outdoor and indoor application
bullet Saves space and easy for installation
bullet Maintenance free with minimum inter-connection between LV & HV equipment
bullet Complete safety from unauthorized tapping and power theft
bullet Flexibility to select equipment and scheme as per client’s unique requirements